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Performing Arts Classes

BMA's performing arts classes are taught in an imaginative, lively environment. At each stage, our drama, dance and singing lessons contain the perfect balance between technique, theory and the building of practical skills, all delivered in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.


For Stage One students (6-8's) drama lessons are designed to stimulate imagination, increase concentration, develop social interaction and build confidence through drama and creative play. The main focus of this drama class is on improvisation with a small amount of script and performance work towards the end of each term.

Stage Two drama students (9-11's) begin to explore more text, are introduced to different theatre styles and learn how to create a character through lively games and exercises. In contrast to Stage One, this drama class involves a more structured approach to improvisation, character, text, vocal work and ensemble performance.

Stage Three drama students (12+) are encouraged to develop their understanding and enjoyment of acting through more in depth practical lessons which continue to include script work, improvisation and performance. In addition, we explore additional skills needed by an actor, such as stagecraft, character development, accents & dialects and movement to create a strong and comprehensive foundation in stage acting and musical theatre technique for each student.


Throughout the year, our movement and dance lessons focus on a variety of different dance styles including; Modern, Jazz, Street Dance, Hip Hop, Tap, Musical Theatre and Contemporary. BMA dance students of all ages are encouraged to develop performance skills and take part in fun, energetic choreographed routines which are designed to teach and refine technique, increase coordination, observation and retention skills and promote team work.


Working on songs from a variety of musical styles, such as Pop, R 'n' B, Indie, Rock, Jazz and Musical Theatre, we believe singing lessons at BMA's School of Performing Arts are the most enjoyable way to learn from scratch or take your singing to the next level.

Stage One singing classes (6-8's) are designed to be a fun and engaging way to learn to sing in a group and build confidence. Students are introduced to different styles of music and explore melody and rhythm through warm up games and exercises and the use of combined voice and movement.

Stage Two singing classes (9-11's) explore further vocal practices such as more advanced warm up exercises, breath control, clarity and projection as well as an introduction to harmony. Students are helped to develop vocal technique alongside performance skills and have opportunities to perform both as part of a group and as soloists if they want to do so.

Stage Three singing students (12+) are encouraged to further develop their vocal technique in a number of ways, including advanced vocal/warm up exercises, awareness of the body in relation to the voice, a firm understanding of breath support, basic music theory and advanced harmony. Students will also work on the emotional delivery of a song and performance technique both in groups and as soloists (if they wish to).